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About Linda Lanphear

In 1969 Roger Gregoire and Linda Lanphear had gone to Paris intending to continue collaborating on Black & Red projects from there, but they were soon concentrating their attention on the Situationist International (SI), exposing the ideological differences between French leftists and the SI, an organization they were eager to join. Some of Black & Red's earlier activity in Kalamazoo did not conform to the exacting Situationist principles, and certain ideological guardians of the SI viewed askance the openness of the current printing project in Detroit. According to the ideologues, the most essential political task was to clarify differences between Situationist theory and the perspectives of other leftists. Past association with non Situationist activists would have to be repudiated before Linda and Roger could be considered worthy of admission to the SI's inner circle. If past errors were acknowledged and if the confessions conformed to the SI's requirements, the gatekeepers held out hope that Roger and Linda could become participants in the "international revolutionary movement," namely, become members of the SI.

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The following is an interview with Sylvia Sternberg from New York City who was a member of a volunteer medical team during the student uprising at Columbia University in spring, 1968. Question: describe the medical team you worked with. How did people get involved? Sylvia Sternberg: At Columbia the people were volunteers. A group called The Medical Committee for Human Rights got started when the students at Hamilton Hall put out a call to a doctor who everyone knows is involved in radical activities. The students said that they would like to have someone come around because they did not know how long they would stay in the buildings. So a few of the doctors and medical nurses went down to the buildings during that week ... (From:
Background by Linda Lanphear [Some of the details concerning the Mexican student uprising were obtained from the independent magazine Por Que?] A bloody struggle between students and police took place in Mexico City during the last part of July and the first part of August. The violence began when the police broke into Vocational Schools #2 and #5, detaining and brutally beating both students and instructors. The immediate cause for this intrusion on the part of the police was a street fight between students from vocational and preparatory schools. 1 As there is great rivalry between these schools, the street fight that broke out on July 23rd was not an uncommon occurrence; indeed, it is “a very common thing,” as one... (From:


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