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About Anthony J. Nocella II

Anthony J. Nocella II, Ph.D., award-winning author and educator, is an Executive Director of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, National Co-coordinator of Save the Kids, and co-founder and Editor of the Peace Studies Journal and Transformative Justice Journal.

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Deric Shannon, Anthony J. Nocella, II, John Asimakopoulos[1] In an online discussion titled “Anarchist Economics” one poster recently commented, “Anarchist economics?! Now, that’s an oxymoron!” After further discussion, it became clear that this person, a long-time anarchist, operated under the assumption that “economics” is capitalism. While that may be true for the typical university “economics” class, there is a long history of economic analyzes, models, and practices that are based on anti-capitalist principles. Meanwhile, to many who are not even radicals, capitalism looks like it is on its last legs, or at the least like an undesirable way to organize humanity.[2] Hun... (From:
SECTION II. Anarchist Pedagogies in the “Here and Now” DIALOGUE 2. (In a crowded place, between strangers) Alejandro de Acosta A: Do you, stranger, have the sense that what is foremost in your concerns is echoed in an experiment that is unfolding right now? An experiment in freedom? B: In this crowd, everyone speaks at once, stories cross, become confused. It is difficult to stay focused on you, stranger, let alone my own concerns. But, yes, it is as if I had heard a tale of origins, forgotten, then remembered. If we grasp this experiment from the story of its origin … A: … or any other story about it with sufficient curiosity … B: … if we accept the challenge... (From:

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