Erich Mühsam

April 6, 1878 — July 10, 1934

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About Erich Mühsam

Erich Mühsam (6 April 1878 – 10 July 1934) was a German-Jewish antimilitarist anarchist essayist, poet and playwright. He emerged at the end of World War I as one of the leading agitators for a federated Bavarian Soviet Republic, for which he served 5 years in prison.

Also a cabaret performer, he achieved international prominence during the years of the Weimar Republic for works which, before Hitler came to power in 1933, condemned Nazism and satirized the future dictator. Mühsam was murdered in the Oranienburg concentration camp in 1934.

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This article appeared with the following introduction when it appeared in 1920: “Mühsam is one of the best-known militants and publicists of German anarchism. At present, he is, along with Tom Weinbull, imprisoned in Augsbach Prison. We have learned that both of them, along with other political prisoners, have decided to protest against the ill treatment they have suffered by a hunger strike. It is through acts of this kind that one can appreciate the benefits of the German “revolution.” Mühsam’s joining the Communist Party is similar to that of the Feundlers, the free Dutch partisans (representatives of the Christian revolutionary movement), who have also entered the communist movement. We are w... (From:
“Sacco and Vanzetti”, Fanal, Vol.1, No.8 (May 1927), pp.125–6 “Sacco and Vanzetti” In these parts the judges are called Jürgens, Nieder or Vogt, in the U.S.A the workers delight in their kin, who go by names like Thayer, for example. Mr. Thayer is thirsting for blood — or rather for electricity, since in modern America (unlike us) they no longer chop off heads if they seethe with unpopular views of life. For seven years now the anarchist workers Sacco and Vanzetti have been sitting in prison, condemned to death for robbery-murder. Seven years long they have been waiting from day to day for the repealing or the carrying out of the sentence. Throughout seven years proof upon proof has... (From:
(EDITOR'S NOTE: We are herewith reprinting a portion of a somewhat larger article of the martyred comrade Erich Muehsam on the nature of worker's Soviet and our attitude towards it. This is done not only for the purpose of rehabilitating comrade Muehsam against the imputation of adhering to purely communist views made by a number of prominent leaders of the Communist Party. This imputation is quite in line with the general policy of the Communist Party: persecuting the living anarchists and exploiting for their own party purposes the martyrdom of those who have suffered for the cause of the working class. The reiteration of such a policy hardly needs special rebuttal. What is important in this connection is to point out the realistic approa... (From:
Dedicated to Martin Andersen-Nexö Poet, Friend, Comrade CHARACTERS Mathias Seebald Raffael Schenk, typesetter Frau Schenk, his mother Flora Severin, student Stefan Klagenfurter, iron-turner Marie Klagenfurter, his wife Trotz, worker Dietrich, worker Braun, worker Färber, worker Fischer, worker Ernst Lassmann, blinded in the War Mathilde Lassmann, his wife Rosa Fiebig, worker Fritz Rund, soldier Fedor Vladimirovich Lecharov Rudolf Tiedtken, man of letters Strauss, Social Democratic editor Tessendorff, police superintendent Werra Adler, divorcée Klara Wendt ... (From:
Forward In July 1931 the Berlin chief of police, the Social Democrat Grzesinski, prohibited the anarchist journal Fanal for a period of four months. That was the month of the bank failures; financial capital was at its wit’s end, the federal government suspended the circulation of currency; the entire industrial economy was so devastated that the heretofore customary political methods of ensuring capitalist hegemony were no longer sufficient; the path toward fascist dictatorship was spread out, smoothed over and commenced upon. The suffering of the masses increased, and with it the helplessness of the public authorities, while the demands of the industrialists and great landholders were simultaneously growing greater; the cri... (From:

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