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About Alex Prichard

Dr Prichard is a member of the Center of Advanced International Studies and the Center for Political Thought at the University of Exeter. His research sits within and spans both centers. He has published in the following areas:

  • Anarchist political thought
  • International political theory
  • The ethics and phenomenology of war and violence
  • Republican political theory
  • Constitutional politics
  • Co-production methods in political philosophy

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Post-Anarchism and Marxism Simon Choat Power and Subjectivity: A Critique of Post-Anarchism Prominent post-anarchists include Todd May, Saul Newman, and Lewis Call: they argue both that there is a continuum between classical anarchism and post-structuralism and that the latter can radicalize and reenergize the former. It is claimed by post-anarchists that whereas Marxism is economically reductionist and places its faith in the notion of a vanguard party of the industrial proletariat, both classical anarchism and post-structuralism advance a more subtle analysis of power in its own right, irreducible to the economy, and place their faith in resistance from below, opposing all forms of hierarchy. Classical anarchism is noneth... (From:
Acknowledgments We would like to thank our contributors to the volume for their patience and for responding so positively to editorial requests. We gratefully acknowledge the support of everyone at PM Press, who have enabled us to bring out this expanded, accessible edition of the book. We would also like to thank all the participants at the ‘Is Black and Red Dead?’ conference held at the Center for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham, UK, in September 2009, which provided the original inspiration for this collection. Sue Simpson and Tony Burns deserve a special mention for their help and support throughout. We would also like to acknowledge the generosity of the UK Political Studies Associati... (From:

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