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About Ravachol

François Claudius Koenigstein, also known as Ravachol (1859–1892), was a French anarchist. He was born on 14 October 1859, at Saint-Chamond, Loire and died by being guillotined on 11 July 1892, at Montbrison after being twice found guilty of complicity in bombings.

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Sung to the tune of the song of the French Revolution, la Carmagnole — the chorus of which ends: “ Long live the sound of the cannon” — La Ravachole set the spirit of the anarchist Ravachol to music. In the great city of Paris, There are well-fed bourgeois, There are the poor, Who have an empty stomach: The former are greedy, Long live the sound, long live the sound, The former are greedy, Long live the sound Of the explosion! Let’s dance the Ravachole Long live the sound, long live the sound Let’s dance the Ravachole Of the explosion! Ah ça ira ça ira ça ira All the bourgeois will taste the bomb Ah ça ira ça ira ça ira We'... (From: Marxists.org.)
Children of the same fatherland Can’t you hear the voice That cries out for democracy. To arms against the bourgeoisie. Let’s fight for independence And for sacred liberty, Through the efforts of our might Let’s transform society. Why, on this earth, Do we betray ourselves When we should love each other as brothers? Our masters cause disunion; Let’s chase away authoritarian chiefs Full of hatred and iniquity. Peoples, let’s suppress our borders To the cry of “Long Live Equality!" In order to establish equality You need a heart full of hate. Reduce the bourgeoisie to dust Them instead of war We’ll have brotherhood. (From: Marxists.org.)
The above named, after having eaten his fill, spoke to us as follows: “Messieurs, it is my habit, wherever I am, to do propaganda work. Do you know what anarchism is?” We answered ‘No’ to this question. “This doesn’t surprise me,” he responded. “The working class which, like you, is forced to work to earn its bread, doesn’t have the time to devote to the reading of pamphlets they’re given. It’s the same for you. “Anarchy is the obliteration of property. “There currently exist many useless things; many occupations are useless as well, for example, accounting. With anarchy there is no more need for money, no further need for bookkeeping and the other forms of... (From: Marxists.org.)
“Among the papers left by Ravachol is found the story of the violation of the grave of Mme la baronne de Rochetaillé. Someone who momentarily had it in his possession having sent it to us, we reproduce it in its entirety, respecting the spelling and grammar. The story is written with a cold and tranquil cynicism, which will inspire in readers the same horror we ourselves felt.” — Le Gaulois July 13, 1892 ...being without work I set myself to making false money, a means not very lucratif and but dangerous, so I soon abbandonned it. I learnd that there was a baroness named de Rochetaillé who had bin buried not to long before. I thought she must have some jewls on her, so I resolved to break into the toomb.... (From: Marxists.org.)
If I speak, it’s not to defend myself for the acts of which I’m accused, for it is society alone which is responsible, since by its organization it sets man in a continual struggle of one against the other. In fact, don’t we today see, in all classes and all positions, people who desire, I won’t say the death, because that doesn’t sound good, but the ill-fortune of their like, if they can gain advantages from this. For example, doesn’t a boss hope to see a competitor die? And don’t all businessmen reciprocally hope to be the only ones to enjoy the advantages that their occupations bring? In order to obtain employment, doesn’t the unemployed worker hope that for some reason or another someone w... (From: Marxists.org.)

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