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About André Veidaux

In an important article published in La Plume's special number on socialist literature in 1891, the symbolist writer and anarchist sympathizer Andre Veidaux placed Mirbeau, along with Zola, Cladel and Richepin, in the forefront of the movement towards a socially-conscious literature.

From : From "Anarchism in France: The Case of Octave Mirbeau," by Reg Carr


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I have blasphemed God like a dauntless anarch, Constantly spit on that Zeus on high; My Atlas rebellion, my heretic bark: What ecstasy, this battle cry! Go bribe Atropos, the final Fate, To smother my dissident cursing; Bury me in Charon’s boat—don’t pay the rate— You will never hear me bitching! I’ll remain with the untamable beasts, Fueling our hatred for your feasts, We sons of Titans, damned for eternity. And what?! Doom me to the flames of Hell?! So be it! But history will never tell That you wrenched from me an apology. (From:

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