The Awareness League (AL)

1991 — 1999

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Untitled People The Awareness League (AL)

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About The Awareness League (AL)

The Awareness League (AL) was a Nigerian anarchist organization active since 1991 to 1999. The Awareness League has gone through several periods of repression, making its own organizational efforts and continuity sporadic, as well as communications with the rest of the anarchist movement. AL was known to be anarcho-syndicalist in orientation, having joined the IWA–AIT at its Madrid congress in December, 1996.

The membership of the AL was primarily students, professors, university teachers, journalists, and other activists on the Nigerian left. Its militants have been active in several public service strikes.

Sam Mbah, author of African Anarchism: History of a Movement, was an active member in AL.

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1. INTRODUCTION: The AWARENESS LEAGUE, NIGERIA, was founded as a social libertarian organization inspired by and committed to the ideals, principles, objectives, goals, ends and purposes of revolutionary socialism and anarcho-syndicalism, characterized as the anti-theses of statism as well as their manifestations and institutions thereof. With capitalism enmeshed in interminable crisis and its institutions - social, economic, political and cultural - increasingly succumbing to fatigue across the globe, the imperative for sustained struggle against the forces of capitalism has never been greater. It is instructive to note that the crisis of capitalism has been most intensive and pronounced in the underdeveloped third world coun... (From:
Do you think there is a real danger of a civil war in Nigeria? Or is there a real chance for free elections, which have been promised several times? The way things are going, there is a real risk of civil war. Many prominent Nigerians have warned about this. So have many foreign commentators who have recently visited the country for a first-hand assessment, such as American civil-rights leader Jesse Jackson. For the record, Nigeria fought a civil war from 1967 to 1970, when the eastern part of the country declared the Republic of Biafra and seceded. All the elements that were present in that crisis are equally present in the current imbroglio: A. There were disputed federal elections in 1964, and canceled presidential election... (From:
Nigeria is increasingly a pariah in the international community, a rouge state which finds company with countries such as Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Burma and Iran. The mere mention of the country's name evokes a typical image characterized by corruption, military dictatorship, debt, disease and disaster. Nigeria is living dangerously and this, even by Africa's long suffering standards, speaks volume for a country blessed with abundant oil and gas reserves, several solid minerals, agricultural potentials and overflowing human capital. Three decades of military rule have spawned the monstrous specter of unfreedom, denial of fundamental human rights, violent subjugation and brutalization of the psyche and spirit of the overwhelming majority o... (From:

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