Sante Caserio

September 8, 1873 — August 16, 1894

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About Sante Caserio

Sante Geronimo Caserio (Italian: [ˈsante caˈzɛrjo]; 8 September 1873 – 16 August 1894) was an Italian anarchist and the assassin of Marie François Sadi Carnot, President of the French Third Republic. Caserio was born in Motta Visconti, Lombardy. On 24 June 1894, he fatally stabbed President Carnot after a banquet, to avenge the executions of anarchist bombers Auguste Vaillant and Émile Henry.

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Gentlemen of the jury, I'm not going to defend myself but rather explain my action. While still young I learned that present society is poorly organized, so poorly that every day many unfortunates commit suicide, leaving wives and children in the most terrible distress. Workers in their thousands look for work and can’t find any. Poor families beg for their food and shiver from the cold. They suffer the worst poverty. The youngest ask their poor mothers for food and the latter can’t give them any because they don’t have anything. The few things that were in the house were already sold or traded. All they can do is ask for alms; they're often arrested for vagabondage. I left my native land because I was often brought to... (From:
Recalling the childhood of Caserio, the president said to him, “You attended school but you never received any prizes.” Caserio answered, “I regret not having had more education. I would have been stronger.” Q: And what would you have done with that strength? A: I would have used it for the ideal. Questioned about his relations with the lawyer Gori, he answered: “I didn’t frequent Gori’s conferences in 1891, but I read pamphlets and I paid closer attention to what was in them than to those he signed. In any case, I will lay out my doctrines.” [1] The president then asked him about his relations with the Italian anarchists, but Caserio remained silent on this point. “I am a baker,&rdq... (From:

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September 8, 1873
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August 16, 1894
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