Maurice Brinton

December 2, 1923 — March 10, 2005

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About Maurice Brinton

Christopher Agamemnon Pallis (2 December 1923, in Bombay – 10 March 2005, in London) was an Anglo-Greek neurologist and libertarian socialist intellectual. Under the pen-names Martin Grainger and Maurice Brinton, he wrote and translated for the British group Solidarity from 1960 until the early 1980s. As a neurologist, he produced the accepted criteria for brainstem death, and wrote the entry on death for Encyclopædia Britannica.

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My Disillusionment in Russia—Afterword by Emma Goldman I Non-Bolshevik Socialist critics of the Russian failure contend that the Revolution could not have succeeded in Russia because industrial conditions had not reached the necessary climax in that country. They point to Marx, who taught that a social revolution is possible only in countries with a highly developed industrial system and its attendant social antagonisms. They therefore claim that the Russian Revolution could not be a social revolution, and that historically it had to evolve along constitutional, democratic lines, complemented by a growing industry, in order to ripen the country economically for the basic change. This orthodox Marxian view leaves an im... (From:
Original Solidarity Introduction This pamphlet has two aims. It seeks to contribute new factual material to the current discussion on 'workers' control'. And it attempts a new kind of analysis of the fate of the Russian Revolution. The two objectives, as will be shown, are inter-related. Workers' Control 'Workers' control' is again being talked about. Nationalization (whether of the Western or Eastern variety) and the rule of the 'Party of the working class' (whether of the Eastern or Western variety) have manifestly failed. They have not satisfied the hopes and expectations of ordinary people - or given them any real say in determining the conditions under which they live. This has created new interest in the subject o... (From:
It is a welcome sign of the times that a serious exchange of radical opinion is now under way concerning the formative period of the Russian state, and Critique is to be congratulated on having played a part in the initiation of this discussion. How deep the confrontation goes will, of course, depend on how open the journal remains to those in the revolutionary movement who do not accept the label of "Marxist", but who feel they may nevertheless have something of relevance to contribute. In your last issue, Chris Goodey claims that "it is only the current practice and experience of the world movement for socialist revolution that is beginning to allow us an overall view of the battle-stations which we have unthinkingly maintained for... (From:
[We are republishing this text with reservations. Were it not for the fact that the previous version on the web is now offline and the also that one of us had downloaded it to read at work, we certainly wouldn’t go to the effort of scanning it all in! It’s a good starting point for the issues discussed, but we would ask you to read it critically. We don’t have time for a full critique at the moment, but our initial thoughts are that the text is very much a product of its times. Things have moved on from the 1970s and it would not be appropriate to write such a text today without being extremely critical of Freud, and of the attitudes towards women (“housewives”) and the working class shown in the text. That sai... (From:

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March 10, 2005
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