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TRENTO. Defensive petitions accepted in Trento for the two anarchists arrested last August 27 on charges of subversive association. For Massimo Passamani, 40, who was in prison, house arrest in his Rovereto began today. He had been imprisoned first in Tolmezzo (Udine), then in Alessandria. Daniela Battisti, 35, under house arrest since her arrest, is free. For them the prosecutor had opened a file for association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion. The requests presented on Friday by their lawyers, Giampiero Mattei and Andrea de Bertolini, which pointed to the lack of need for precautionary requirements, were accepted today with an order of the investigating judge Carlo Ancona, who reiterated the accusation of subversive association.

A favorable opinion was also given by the Public Prosecutor for the acceptance of the defensive requests to alleviate the precautionary measures, due to the fact that what is defined as an association did not implement particular forms of conflict in this period. This is explained by the same Prosecutor of the Republic of Trento, Giuseppe Amato, who follows the file with the deputy prosecutor Davide Ognibene. An opinion that, however, would have required the obligation of presentation to the judicial police for Battisti.

The wait is now for the date of the preliminary hearing, since the notice of conclusion of the investigations, for a total of eight suspects, had already arrived before the end of September, again on the charge of association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion.

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Translator’s Introduction Canenero was a weekly anarchist publication that came out in Italy between the end of 1994 and the beginning of 1997 with one break. This was when the Marini investigation against anarchists began to bear its rotten fruit in an attempt to imprison dozens of anarchists on charges of “subversive association” or membership in an “armed gang”.[1] One of the ideas behind Canenero was to provide a means for ongoing communication and discussion in the face of this repressive operation of the state. A substantial portion of the material in the paper dealt with the situation and the various anarchist responses to it. But the editors of Canenero were not willing to allow the repres... (From:
Freedom’s Disorder The state is the supreme expression of institutional order. It is a model of social organization built on hierarchy, control and coercion. According to one view that many anarchists share, institutional order is nothing other than the usurpation of another kind of order that could be described as spontaneous. The theory is that social life is realized through rules that are intrinsic to it, i.e., rules that tend to occur in all contexts. This self-regulating capacity of the social whole is suffocated by the external intervention of the state (an intervention, that is to say, which corresponds to other rules, precisely those of institutional order). And anarchists have always based their theory and revo... (From:
In the panorama of studies of Stirner there are many silences — silences that, as often happens, communicate more than words. One such silence surrounds Stirner’s reflections on the theme of interpersonal relationships, reflections that form a genuine theory of life together. As is known, his considerations on relationships are contained in that section of The Unique and Its Property entitled “My Intercourse.” Stirner attributed great importance to the description of the relations that the Unique maintains with others, as the vast amount of space he dedicates to the topic shows (it is in fact the largest section in the book). Nonetheless, “My Intercourse” has been and is perhaps the least explored part of... (From:
Introduction The concept of solidarity is not only used and abused by the various reformist syndicalist and humanitarian movements and even power itself, it is also sadly emptied of any content by many anarchists. The leveling is such as to reveal a symbolic attitude worthy of the Church but which allows us to put our conscience at rest. Counter-information and propaganda in the lead, demonstrations (true processions), then nothing, provoke a feeling of powerlessness, a pernicious frustration that sees justification open the way to resignation. We discover that everything crumbles there where the mentality of the group and quantity thought it was strong. Nothing changes as we enter a vicious circle with mournful calls t... (From:
“One cannot enter twice into the same river” — Heracleitus “What’s new? There’s Clio” — A Renault advertisement The totalitarian dream of power is to make us bathe not twice, but thousands of times in the same river. The governors of time want to force us to survive within the walls of an eternal present — the social measurement of a continuous and collective deferment of life to the future. What happened today? The images of products on advertisements changed. Some different faces appeared on television and an identical commentary gathered facts in a different order. A statesman disappeared into the void that is absence in the news after forty years in governmen... (From:
A Few Words: Thoughts on Alienation Alienation is a concept frequently talked about in anarchist circles. Clearly, domination and exploitation can only develop in conjunction with alienation, so such discussion is important. But it is necessary to focus this discussion in order to make it useful to the anarchist project of destroying the present order and creating new ways of living. I have always said that the revolt against the present order of things originates in the individual desire to create one’s life as one sees fit. This does not contradict the necessity for class struggle or the desire for communism, but rather provides a basis for clarifying the methods for carrying out this revolutionary project. In terms of... (From:
A Few Words: against binomial thinking As our desire to create our lives as we see fit, to realize ourselves to the fullest extent, to reappropriate the conditions of our existence, develops into a real project of revolt against all domination and oppression, we begin to encounter the world with a more penetrating eye. Our ideas sharpen as they become tools in a life and in relationships aimed at the destruction of the social order and the opening of unknown possibilities for exploring the infinity of singular beings. With a clear aim, a resolute project of revolt, it is much easier to throw off the methods of thought imposed by this society: by school, religion, television, the media, advertising, elections, the internet — all... (From:


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