October 31, 1858 — March 13, 1941

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About Paraf-Javal

Georges Mathias, known as Paraf-Javal (pseudonym Péji), born October 31, 1858 and died March 13, 1941 in Paris, is a navigation inspector, professor of natural sciences, engraving artist and writer.

At first close to socialism, it rallies individualist anarchism . He is often described as a “controversial” personality in the libertarian movement.

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EVOLUTION Following a series of successive and continuous transformations, our planet has arrived at its current state. Man appeared when his life was possible; he will disappear when his life will be impossible. After the human period the earth, an aggregate of molecules, will continue to transform itself as long as its molecules and their composing parts don’t separate and disperse in space. This is an evolution. It is fated. These are ineluctable facts which our will and activity cannot modify. What is a historic fact? An historic fact is the result of the activity of humans who inhabit the globe at the same moment. If this activity is driven in a certain direction these humans make a certain history. They would make another o... (From:

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October 31, 1858
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March 13, 1941
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