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About Manuel Devaldès

Manuel Devaldès , his real name Ernest-Edmond Lohy , born on February 5 , 1875 at Évreux [ 1 ] and died at the Necker Hospital on December 22 , 1956 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris [ 2 ] , was an employee of the railways, corrector of printing works , then writer , individual libertarian [ 3 ] , antimilitarist , pacifist and neo-Malthusian .

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Before being able to usefully occupy oneself with combating an evil, one must know its cause. Thus, seeking the primary cause of war is the first step in preventing it. So if we go back over the chain of causes and effects scientifically that result in the outbreak of a war we finally find a primordial cause from which all others flow: overpopulation, i.e., the excess of population in one or several territories, each subject to a different national solidarity. Undertaking in this way an investigation of the causes of wars, working back from the final physical cause to the original, natural cause and logically drawing a preventive system from it, is what I call “scientific pacifism” (it is only after doing th... (From:
As he is understood by individualist philosophy, the individual – potential capacity for uniqueness and autonomy – is not an entity, a metaphysical formula: it is a living reality. It is not, as Fichte believed in criticizing Stirner’s “unique,” a mystical, abstract self, whose ridiculous and harmful cult would arrive at the negation of sociability, which is an innate quality in man and which engenders moral needs which must be satisfied under penalty of suffering. With this peculiar religious character individualism would be nothing but a stupid systematic isolation, as well as a barbarous and incessant struggle in which man would lose every ancestral acquisition and any possibility of progress. The cul... (From:
1914 will remain the year of the unforgettable “miracle of the Marne.” And yet “God” has done better as concerns miracles: he made the season of the suckers last four years. Why is it always “Lowlifes who declare war” and never “Cretins who agree to fight it?” And even – why not?- “Lowlifes who agree to fight it?” Most men prove their love for children by not bringing any to life In every slave who consents to his servitude is a potential master. He who willingly obeys those stronger than himself is ready to impose his will on those weaker than him. He says “my wife” and I say “my companion.” there is a world... (From:
We know that war has over-population as its primordial cause. Consequently, a new object offers itself to our investigative spirit in the search for the true cause of war: the true cause of overpopulation. Overpopulation, on one hand, results from the fertility of woman, which is expressed by the humanity’s capacity of reproduction in a geometric progression. On the other hand, the progression in multiplication of foodstuffs is much slower, from which is born the disequilibrium between population and subsistence goods, a biological situation that generates war. But this doesn’t penetrate deeply enough into the study of the causes of war. If we remain at this level we see only a superficial phenomenon. In order to attain t... (From:

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