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About First of May Anarchist Alliance

M1′s affinity is built around four principles:
1) a commitment to revolution
2) a working class orientation
3) a non-doctrinaire anarchism
4) a nonsectarian and multi-layered approach to organization

First of May Anarchist Alliance (M1)

We are a new organization with its members having a much longer history of collaboration, in some instances reaching back to the 1980’s through an array of revolutionary anarchist organizing. With the creation of M1 we move from the informal affinity to being an established organizational presence; fully engaged with the broader anarchist, revolutionary and social movements.

As individuals and as members of M1, we are active in our communities and workplaces, within the labor unions, and through formations such as the Industrial Workers of the World and Solidarity & Defense.

We do not see our selves as a regional organization. We instead seek broad trans-national alliances.

Nor do we see ourselves as a necessarily “permanent” grouping. We aim for a fluid organization capable of responding to given circumstances while maintaining a committed membership based on core anarchist and revolutionary perspectives. Given needs and demands of the movement, we will reconceptualize and remake our organization(s). In short, there is nothing static in the realm of struggle; we are open to the possibilities that all we create today will have to be transformed tomorrow.

M1′s affinity is built around four principles. These are:

1) a commitment to revolution;
2) a working class orientation;
3) a non-doctrinaire anarchism and;
4) a nonsectarian and multi-layered approach to organization.

The M1 colors represent our commitment to anarchism, the revolutionary social struggle, and an ecological perspective – black, red and green.

For Dignity, Justice and Freedom – Against Capitalism and the State!

For Anarchy!

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