Anselm Ruest

August 24, 1878 — November 18, 1943

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About Anselm Ruest

Anselm Ruest (born August 24, 1878 as Ernst Samuel in Kulm / West Prussia , today: Chełmno / Poland, † November 18, 1943 in Carpentras / southern France ) was a German publicist , philologist and philosopher .

Ernst Samuel was born the son of a cantor and religious teacher in Kulm, then West Prussia. His older brother was the first rabbi of the Essen Jewish community , Salomon Samuel . As the author and publicist, he chose the pseudonym Anselm Ruest , an anagram of his name.

He studied theology, oriental languages, philosophy, history and literature in Berlin and Würzburg from 1897 to 1905, and received his doctorate in 1905.

With the advent of National Socialism, he emigrated to France in 1933, where he was interned several times from 1939 and died in 1943 after a serious illness. [1]

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“When one thoroughly knows and deeply examines the notion of individuality and the consequences that derive from the principle that is its basis, meaning that every man is not only related to the world in a particular way, but also to every object in the world and to every idea that these objects awaken, one is astonished that so much natural discord is possible side by side with so much historical concord.” This meditation of Hebbel — it is found in his Journal — gives us a precise idea of the individualist concept. In fact, if one doesn’t create individualism, if one can’t create individualism from mass systems, it seems to develop without conflicts in the “I” taken separately, as i... (From:

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August 24, 1878
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November 18, 1943
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