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1977 — ?

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About Anne Archet

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Anne Archet (born in Montreal) is an anarchist author notably known for her erotic works.

A pioneer of the Quebec web, Anne Archet has published erotic stories and controversial anarchist texts since the late 1990s. From 2008 to 2014, she published erotic stories ( Histoires d'Ooooh ) in FA magazine . Her writing activity is concentrated on the Lubricités site (since 2003) dedicated to erotic literature and on The phlegmatic blog of Anne Archet (since 2008) where she publishes anarchist and feminist texts. SinceMay 2017, she is holding a soap opera titled Vie de licorne , a "rose-web web-novel that tells in dialogues the love story of a polyamorous trio".

His first book, entitled Le Carnet écarlate, was illustrated by Mélanie Baillargé and his second, entitled Amants, was illustrated by Mathilde Corbeil.

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As a child, I dreamed of being the Invisible Woman. I told myself that invisibility would be the only wish that I'd ever be making if one day I would get a rub of the magic lamp. No need to get dressed in the morning to go to school – no need to even go to school! – no need to go to the hairdresser, to be clean and cute, to please and be polite... Sitting at my desk in the classroom, I told myself that as Invisible Woman I'd be profiting to the maximum from my gift, to satisfy all my desires. I fantasied about serving myself with impunity from the candy shelves at the grocery store, going to see all the films at the movie theater and visit all those mysterious places forbidden to little girls, like my mom's room or the boys dres... (From:

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