Andrzej Tymowski

December 22, 1922 — October 15, 2002

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About Andrzej Tymowski

Support for Solidarity was also heard from an unlikely quarter at a recent party-sponsored conference on ideology. Bogdan Fiutowski, who described himself as the coordinator of a subcommittee of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions, said that Solidarity must not ''disappear from the map'' of trade unionism in Poland. The autonomous unions, also set up after the summer of 1980, were often competitive with Solidarity.

The Solidarity lawyers and advisers invited to the conference were: ...Andrzej Tymowski...

From : The New York Times, 1982, April 23


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Polish workers have made headlines in America since August 1980. Their meteoric success in organizing Solidarity provided catchy copy for the morning papers and dramatic footage for the evening news. Waiesa’s mustache became so familiar that if he would only agree to sell deodorant he’d easily make a million dollars. But in spite of this sensational coverage, or perhaps because of it, the workers of Solidamosc remain a mystery to most Americans. Who are they? How did they organize Solidarity? What they accomplished in so short a time is astonishing, and it is incredible that they are still organizing under martial law. Who Are They? The great majority of Solidarity activists are today between the ages of 25 and ... (From:

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