Amédée Dunois

December 16, 1878 — March, 1945

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About Amédée Dunois

Amédée Dunois (16 December 1878 – March 1945) was a French lawyer, journalist and politician.

Amédée Catonné was born in Moulins-Engilbert, Nièvre on 16 December 1878. He came from a respectable family. He was a brilliant student, already displaying literary gifts and cultural tastes that would distinguish him as a humanist. He earned a doctorate in law in 1899. He adopted the name Amédée Dunois, and worked as a journalist for Temps nouveaux (1906–07) and La Bataille syndicaliste (1908–12). From 24–31 August 1907 he attended the International Anarchist Congress of Amsterdam with Pierre Monatte, Benoît Broutchoux, Erné de Marmande, Henri Beylie and others. In 1908 he joined the Anarchist Federation of the Seine and Seine-et-Oise.

Amédée Dunois worked with Jean Jaurès as political editor of L'Humanité from 1911, and became general secretary of the journal in 1918. During World War I (1914–18) he was an active member of the minority movement which did not accept the union sacrée. After the war ended he continued this fight. He joined the Communist party and became a member of the directing committee. The National Bloc government imprisoned him in 1921. He continued his work with great energy, writing many articles on political news, history and doctrine, and press reviews.

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Amédée Dunois: Anarchism and Organization It is not long since our comrades were almost unanimous in their clear hostility towards any idea of organization. The question we are dealing with today would, then, have raised endless protests from them, and its supporters would have been vehemently accused of a hidden agenda and authoritarianism. They were times when anarchists, isolated from each other and even more so from the working class, seemed to have lost all social feeling; in which anarchists, with their unceasing appeals for the spiritual liberation of the individual, were seen as the supreme manifestation of the old individualism of the great bourgeois theoreticians of the past. Individual actions a... (From:

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