The 12 Articles of the Socialist Federation

By Gustav Landauer (1908)

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Untitled Anarchism The 12 Articles of the Socialist Federation

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(1870 - 1919)

German Social Anarchist, Pacifist, and Leader of the Bavarian Soviet Republic

: He dies "In a prison courtyard an officer stepped up and struck him across the face, the signal for a savage massacre. Set upon by the troops, Landauer was beaten with trutcheons and rifle butts, kicked, stomped and trampled upon. 'Kill me, then!' he exclaimed, 'to think that you are human beings!" At that he was shot to death. (From: Anarchist Portraits, Arvich.)
• "Leaving allegories aside, what we need is the following: associations of humankind in affairs that concern the interests of humankind; associations of a particular people in affairs that concern the interests of a particular people; associations of particular social groups in affairs that concern particular social groups; associations of two people in affairs that concern the interests of two people; individualization in affairs that concern the interests of the individual." (From: "Anarchism -- Socialism," by Gustav Landauer.)
• "Anarchism is the goal that we pursue: the absence of domination and of the state; the freedom of the individual. Socialism is the means by which we want to reach and secure this freedom: solidarity, sharing, and cooperative labor." (From: "Anarchism -- Socialism," by Gustav Landauer.)
• "True cooperative labor and true community can only exist where individuals are free, and free individuals can only exist where our needs are met by brotherly solidarity." (From: "Anarchism -- Socialism," by Gustav Landauer.)

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The 12 Articles of the Socialist Federation

 Photo by molimonster666, CC BY-NC License

Photo by molimonster666,
CC BY-NC License

Article 1

The basic form of socialist culture is the federation of independently managed economic communities trading together in justice.

Article 2

This Socialist Federation, following the path shown by history, replaces governments and the capitalist economy.

Article 3

The Socialist Federation accepts as the goal of its efforts the word republic in its original meaning: the cause of the common good.

Article 4

The Socialist Federation declares the goal of its efforts to be anarchy in its original meaning: order through voluntary associations.

Article 5

The Socialist Federation includes all working men who want the social order of the Socialist Federation. Its task is neither proletarian politics nor class war, which are both necessary accessories of capitalism and the power-state, but struggle and organization for socialism.

Article 6

The real effectiveness of the Socialist Federation can begin only when greater portions of the masses have joined it. Until then its task is propaganda and composure.

Article 7

The members of the Socialist Federation want to put their work in the service of their consumption.

Article 8

They combine their power of consumption to exchange the products of their work with the help of their exchange bank.

Article 9

They send ahead pioneers to inland settlements of the Socialist Federation to produce everything themselves as far as possible, including the products of the earth.

Article 10

Culture is not based on any particular forms of technology or of satisfying needs, but on the spirit of justice.

Article 11

These settlements are to be only models of justice and joyous work: not means to attain the goal. The goal can be attained only when the land comes into the hands of the socialists by means other than purchase.

Article 12

The Socialist Federation aims for the right and hence the power to abolish private ownership of the land at the time of transition by great fundamental measures, and to give all citizens the possibility to live in culture and happiness by combining industry and agriculture in independently operated trading communities on the basis of justice.

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