Joseph Labadie

April 18, 1850 — October 7, 1933

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About Joseph Labadie

Charles Joseph Antoine Labadie (April 18, 1850 – October 7, 1933) was an American labor organizer, anarchist, Greenbacker,[1] social activist, printer, publisher, essayist, and poet.

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So you want me to tell you what Anarchism is, do you? I can do no less than make the attempt, and in my own simple way try to make you understand at least that it is not what the uninformed and the capitalistic newspapers, liars, fools and villains generally say it is. In the first place, let me urge upon all who desire to learn the truth about Anarchism not to go to its enemies for information, but to talk with Anarchists and read anarchistic literature. And it is not always safe to take what one, two or even a dozen persons may say about it, either, though they call themselves Anarchists. Take what a goodly number of them say and then cancel those statements in which they are not in accord. What remains in all probability is true. ... (From:
Freedom. I long for freedom everywhere, I dream of freedom every day, I talk for freedom here and there. And freedom’s aye my muse’s lay. Who Truly Live. Nor lands, nor flocks, nor gold A noble soul bewitch, And only those who hold The graces sweet are rich. Who work and love and give Of their abundant store Are they who truly live And get returned much more. If You Love Me. O if you love me tell me so And ease my heart of weighty woe And with assurance make it glow. O if you love me tell me, sweet, A love that’s dumb is incomplete And fullest joys thus meet defeat. O if you love me make me feel That you are helpful, fond and leal, And that... (From:
dark-eyed brother, swarthy as a nut, Straight as the needles of the pine his hair, and black as the berries of the bramble bush; Teeth white as the fleckless foam of the sea; Limbs long, lean, lithe, muscular as a panther; Plumb as a tamarack, withy as a willow; The blood of the chase in his vivid veins; The instincts of aboriginal ancestors in his soul; A son of his father with his mother’s heart. Pioneer, frontispiece of civilization; Woodsman with urbanity; urbanite with the smell of boughs on his clothes; Sympathetic as a doe; yielding as a mass of moss when need; Firm as a white oak stump if requisite. Tough as a hemlock knot; strong as sec... (From:

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April 18, 1850
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October 7, 1933
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