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Certain kinds of DEMONSTRATORS wait until the capitalist system creates a situation, address themselves to the wrong audience: the capitalist press, the police, the government, businessmen. They want revolution from the top. The Leaders--corporate and military--are going to institute a “more human society.” THEY MAKE A SPECTACLE. Rubin and Hoffman are outstanding in making spectacles. The whole world is their audience. They define the contents of the play, the time for the performance. They’re original. When they begin to live, THEY’RE DESTROYED. Rubin and Hoffman ARE BEING ELIMINATED BY CAPITALIST SOCIETY. The demonstrators who copy Rubin and Hoffman ARE BEING COOPTED BY CAPITALIST SOCIETY. ... (From:
What is Black & Red? Black & Red is not a capitalist activity. It is anti-capitalist in its organization and its aims. Black & Red is a subversive action, and in this it is not Liberal. Its present field of action is the student milieu, but Black & Red is not a new intellectual current, a new “cultural trend” within the Capitalist University. Black & Red is a new front in the world anti-capitalist struggle. It is an organic link between the theory-action of the world revolutionary movement and the action-theory of the new revolutionary front. Its aim is: “To create at long last a situation which goes beyond the point of no return” (International Situationi... (From:


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