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About Amos Keppler

In a society placing great value on imposed learning, Amos Keppler has taught himself everything he knows. Among those many things are writing, acting, photography and playing music and theater. He is a radical environmental activist, an eclectic witch emphasizing humanity's unbreakable bond with nature. Season of the Witch is the sixteenth book he has published in seven years. He isn't really that prolific, though, but just had lots of books ready for publication.

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As the unrest is temporarily, evidently subsiding in Gothenburg, the site of the recent EU-summit and the most recent celebration of capitalism, tyranny and destruction, one is once again struck by how easily most people are fooled. How most people are uncritically buying the government, the establishment’s propaganda. Machinery desperately kicking into overdrive. George W. Bush (a visiting guest warmly welcomed by his EU partners), enjoying the company of friends on his Europe trip, also dropped by. A number of diverse, disparate groups and individuals arrived in Gothenburg on June 14th to protest against the successful attempts by the establishment to turn the world into a market place, where Life, human and otherwise is turn... (From:

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