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About Alex Khasnabish

Researcher, writer, teacher. Social movements and the radical imagination.


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SECTION III. Philosophical Perspectives and Theoretical Frameworks DIALOGUE 3. (On a mountaintop, between two who are in fact one) Alejandro de Acosta A: See, there are movements. They issue calls, call out to each other, too. B: Yes, other self, and I hear, in their distant calls, discourses, stories. A: Look, somewhere someone finds or loses a self, as if one of us were to vanish to the other. B: Yes, and look, somewhere, a political act, one or more, unfolds, unfold. Already here, on this mountaintop, you and I, other self … A: I am not so sure. From up here all of this might come to seem strange, unlikely, incomprehensible. B: Fragile, at least. A: No homogenous spa (From:

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