Albert Lévy

1844 — 1907

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About Albert Lévy

Albert Levy (1844 to 1847 – 1907)[1] was a French photographer active in Europe and the United States. Most active in the 1880s and 1890s, he was a pioneer of architectural photography.

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Summer has started and, like nature, some businessmen and tourism professionals, those who look at you with money in their eyes, have "woken up" and started to ready themselves to receive tourists in Chania[1] . Of course, this requires that they clean up the surroundings (the Old Port, Koum Kapi, Chalepa) of infectious and filthy trash, which, for them, is everything that moves but is not edible, at least according to their own habits. To be or not to be the center of the world... Pesticides, rat-poison, glass hidden in food to deceive defenseless animals that feel hunger, thirst, pain and fear, unlike the emotionally dead individuals who use these poisons and contaminations, whose "superior" human intelligence can only do calculat... (From:
In the second half of the nineteenth century there was a reaction against individualism. The most widespread moral theories, for example those of August Comte in France, John Stuart Mill in England, and Schopenhauer in Germany, had the common characteristic of preaching altruism. Was it that the philosophers wanted to maintain Christian morality at a moment when they renounced belief, or did they think themselves obliged, as Nietzsche maintained, to show themselves to be more disinterested than the Christians themselves? Whatever the case, they condemned egoism and the isolation of the individual. In the same way, in politics the national and social ties that united individuals were insisted upon and solidarity was preached. But in G... (From:

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